Pricing Policy

Hair Styling


All hair services begin with a thorough consultation provided by our knowledgeable staff. Pricing at Noir is based on the stylist’s experience within the salon.  All hair services listed are starting prices…


All haircuts include a shampoo, blow dry and style.

Women’s Haircuts: $35 & up

Men’s Haircuts: $23 & up

Children’s Haircuts (11 and under): $20 & up

Toddler Haircuts (3 and under): $12

Bang Trim: $5



Basic Blowdry: $25 & up

Blowdry and set: $40 & up

Formal style or Updo: $60 & up

Bridal Updo: $70 & up



Perm with blowdry: $80 & up

Perm with haircut: $90 & up

Part perm with blowdry: $55 & up

Part perm with haircut: $70 & up


Smoothing Treatments

Pricing is based on hair length and amount

Brazilian Blowdry: $175 & up

Brazilian Split Ends Treatment: $30 & up



Anti-Curl with a blowdry: $90 & up

Anti-Curl with a haircut: $105 & up

Hair Color


Full Hilights with a blowdry: $60 & up

Full Hilights with a haircut: $78 & up

Partial Hilights with a blowdry (10 foils and under): $45 & up

Partial Hilights with a haircut (10 foils and under): $58 & up

Permanent Color

Tint with a blowdry: $52 & up

Tint with a haircut: $69 & up

Tint with Full Hilights and a blowdry: $85 & up

Tint with Full Hilights and a haircut: $98 & up

Tint with Partial Hilights and a blowdry: $68 & up

Tint with Partial Hilights and a haircut: $80 & up

Semi-Permanent Color

Gloss with a blowdry: $45 & up

Gloss with a haircut: $58 & up

Gloss with Full Hilights and a blowdry: $82 & up

Gloss with Full Hilights and a haircut: $93 & up

Gloss with Partial Hilights and a blowdry: $65 & up

Gloss with Partial Hiligthts and a haircut: $78 & up

Color Corrections are available. Pricing upon consultation

Ombré or balayage and a blow dry: $100 & up

Ombré or balayage and a haircut: $110 & up

Olaplex Add On:  $20 & up

Strengthens Hair and helps extend color


Hair Treatments

All treatments include a shampoo, treatment and blowdry.

Clarifying Malibu Treatment: $40;  Add on to cut or color: $20
Purifies hair by removing well-water build-up and mineral deposits leaving hair soft, smooth and shiny. Ideal before a color service.

Deep Conditioning Treatment: $40;  Add on to cut or color: $20
Deep conditioning treatment that penetrates the scalp with rich proteins and moisturizers to leave thirsty hair quenched and healthy.


Klix, Donna Bella and Dream Catchers Hair Extensions Pricing Available Upon Consultation.

Eyelash Extensions Full Set: $175 & up

Eyelash Extensions Fill-ins: $50 & up

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for before & after lash photos!


“The Signature Manicure”: $20 The ultimate spa manicure. Complete with refreshing soak,exfoliation and relaxing hand massage.

“The Frenchie”: $25 The Signature Manicure finished off with French polish.

Shellac Manicure: $30

CND Vinylux Manicure: $20

“The Gentlemen’s Manicure”: $15 A smoothing hand detail made especially for him.

“The Sweetheart Manicure”: $12 For ladies ages 12 and under.

Acrylic Full Set: $45

Acrylic Fill-In: $35

Pink & White Full Set: $55

Pink & White Fill-In: $45

Paraffin Hand Treatment: $10

Polish Change Fingers or Toes: $10


“The Signature Pedicure”: $45 The Signature is ideal for dry, tired and dehydrated feet and legs. It begins with an aromatherapeutic, anti-inflammatory foot soak and marine alpha-hydroxy exfoliation that smoothes rough feet. You will then be pampered with a rejuvenating foot masque and relaxing foot and leg massage.

“The Classic Pedicure”: $35 An express version of the Signature Pedicure. Ideal as a maintenance pedicure in-between spa sessions.

“The Gentlemen’s Pedicure”: $40 A relaxing, exfoliating foot detail designed especially for him.

“The Sweetheart Pedicure”: $25 For ladies ages 12 and under.

15 Minute Foot Exfoliation: $10


Noir Signature Massage
60 Minute: $75 • 90 Minute: $105
Relaxes the muscles, eases pains and improves circulation & lymphatic flow by using long, flowing strokes.

Serenity Hot Stone Massage
60 Minute: $85 • 90 Minute: $115
Relieves tense muscles and sore joints. Also enhances circulation and is ideal for anyone suffering from arthritis or back pain.

Deep Tissue Massage
60 Minute: $85 • 90 Minute: $115
Manipulates deep tissues to work out knots from stress and overuse and also helps to increase mobility and energy. Ideal for those looking for more of a treatment versus a relaxing massage.

Great Expectations
60 Minute: $75 • 90 Minute: $105
For the Moms-to-Be. Done lying on her side to relieve pressure & reduce swelling and water retention. Recommended after the first trimester.

Craniosacral Therapy
30 Minute: $45
Eliminates muscle and energy blockages within the head, spine and sacrum to relieve headaches, chronic neck pain and emotional trauma.

Upper Body Massage
30 Minute: $50
Concentrates on using a blended technique to work out tension and knots from the head, neck, shoulders and upper back.

Reflexology Rejuvenation
30 Minute: $45
Massage on zones of the hands and feet to relieve stress & water retention and promote enhanced relaxation.

Ear Candling
30 Minute: $50
Relieves pressure in the ear canal, improves hearing and removes build-up. Recommended once a year.


Noir Signature Facial
60 Minute: $75
Completely personalized for your skin type, This all-in-one facial will leave your skin clean and radiant.

Custom-Blended Facial
75 Minute: $85
Our Signature Facial infused with a custom-blended serum designed to target and treat problem areas. Used with high frequency for a refreshed and revitalized face.

Blemish Recovery
60 Minute: $85
An absolute must if you’re acne-prone or have clogged pores. Done regularly, this facial will help to prevent future breakouts.

Pumice Peel Manual Microdermabrasion
60 Minute: $85
A gentle alternative for those who want the results of traditional microdermabrasion but not its harsh effects. Ultra-fine pumice crystals resurface skin cells, smooth uneven skin tones and reduce the appearance of fine lines. The result will be smoother, brighter skin with improved clarity.

The Gent Treatment
60 Minute: $65
The ultimate facial for any gentleman.

Anti-Aging Rejuvenation
75 Minute: $85
Restores firmness and tightens the skin with a unique firming mask and exfoliation. Serum applied with high frequency infuses the skin with vital moisture to diminish fine lines and retexturize uneven skin tones.

Noir Classic Facial
45 Minute: $55
Perfect for the client who is “On-the-Go” or attending a special event. This mini facial will leave your skin smoother, brighter and with an instant glow.

Chemical Peel
60 Minute: $85 & up
Ideal for any skin type, this acid peel removes dead skin cells and blemishes, minimizes pores and reveals a new, smooth layer of skin. The skin appears healthier and brighter. When done regularly, it’s a great method to reduce wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and scars. Available in a variety of different strengths to suit your skin type and sensitivity.

Back Facial
60 Minute: $75
Our Noir Signature Facial, but dedicated to the beauty and purification of the back. Also includes a upper back massage to leave your back and shoulders softer, smoother and simply glowing.


Full Makeup Application: $55

Makeup Touch-up: $20 & up

Bridal Makeup: $65 & up

False Eyelash Application: $10



Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Re-shaping: $17

Brow Tint: $10

Lip or Chin: $10

Body Waxing

Bikini Wax: $35

Half Leg Wax: $35

Full Leg Wax: $60

Half Arm Wax: $25

Full Arm Wax: $40

Underarm Wax: $25

Full Back Wax: $50

Half Back Wax: $35