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(978) 857-3947


Unfortunately there are no upcoming opportunities available within the next 2 weeks. However, this doesn’t mean things can’t change. So be sure to still reach out!

(781) 606-4989


Be sure to reach out while opportunities are still available!

Whats New?

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EGiftcards w/ owner/stylist Nikki

EGiftcards w/ stylist Jenn

We're Ready to Build Our Team!

Grand Opening

Our Open House/Ribbon Cutting was a total success! We want to thank you all for taking the time out of your evening to celebrate with us!

Now that we are officially rocking & rolling behind the chair, we’re ready to start building our team!

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Cancellation/No Show Policy

Each Stylist has their own cancellation policy, be sure to ask your stylist about theirs!

~Salon Noir

Salon Noir, 1555 Main Street, Tewksbury, Massachusetts 01876, United States

General Salon #: (978) 856-7721 Text Friendly #: (978) 857-3947 (Nikki/Owner) (781) 606-4989 (Jenn Krieger) Check out our Stylists Profiles to find individual contact information for a specific stylist.

Find Us Behind the Chair

As of right now our team of stylists work by appointment only. However, if you see us open, we welcome all new guests!